How to delete a Telegram account

Exporting your data before an account is deleted

It is important to understand that all correspondence, audio files, documents and photos will be deleted with the account and you will lose any access to them.

If you want to save your Telegram data before deleting it, you need to:

  • Go to Settings (the icon in the upper left corner of the application, three horizontal lines).
  • In the settings, select the Advanced option (only available in the desktop version of Telegram). Find “Export Telegram Data” in it.
  • Then select the type of data you want (contacts, chat contents, etc.) and download it.

How to delete a Telegram account

There are two ways to delete your account.

Telegram account self-destruction

Telegram itself deactivates a user’s account if he hasn’t logged in for a while. By default this period is set for six months but it can be changed in the settings.

  • Go to settings, by the icon in the upper left corner, and then select the “Privacy and Security” tab.
  • Go to the item “Delete my account” and select the period in it.
  • Set the period to the minimum value of one month and do not login to the app during this time. Telegram will delete the account after one month.

If you don’t want to wait a month, there is a faster way.

Delete a Telegram account with your browser

  • You need to go to the official Telegram service to delete your account and log in there using the phone number associated with the account. Telegram will send the confirmation code in its own application.
  • After logging in a list of actions will appear including deleting the account:
  • The service will offer to specify the reason why the user wants to delete the account. The user will also be warned that all messages and contacts will be deleted without the possibility of recovery. The groups and channels that the user created will remain online. If the user was the single administrator in it Telegram will assign a randomly selected active member to that role.
  • Click “Delete my account” and once again confirm your decision.
  • You will see a message that your account has been successfully deleted.

Telegram claims to erase all user data after deleting their account. If you register a new account some time later using the same number, the old messages, chats and groups will not be available to you and cannot be restored.

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