Telegram in China

Telegram is an incredibly popular messenger. Fast, convenient, encrypted, with messages that are automatically deleted over time – everything that users love and the Chinese government dislikes. Let’s figure out in detail whether Telegram works in China, how to access, install and use the application.

Does Telegram work in China?

On the one hand, the Golden Shield firewall prevents the messenger from working. On the other hand, millions of people use it in China without restrictions. It’s all about the VPN services that allow you to get access. That is, without VPN it will not work to download telegrams in China, and even if it is already on the device, it simply will not be able to connect to the servers. There will be no messaging or access to history. But if you use services to change your IP address, you will get access to all the functions of the messenger, and you can run it on your phone, tablet or laptop.

Telegram in China works, but only if the IP address is changed to non-Chinese. You need to experiment with servers and protocols and look for options to connect.

Telegram in China

Why is Telegram blocked in China?

The service has not been working since 2015, practically from the very beginning of its wide distribution and popularity. There are several reasons for this.

  • The company refuses to provide user data, to open for viewing correspondence history, etc. Therefore, in the Chinese AppStore and Google Play is not even possible to download the application – it has been removed.
  • The service encrypts messages with high quality, and in addition, it allows you to set automatic deletion after a while. Even if an encrypted message is intercepted, it cannot be decrypted (or it will take a very long time).

Given the overall security and encryption of the application, there is no reason to believe that it will be unlocked in the coming years. This means that users from China need to look for access options.

How to access Telegram from China?

There are three ways to use Telegram in China. Choose from them the one that is right for you.

Via roaming

If you have a foreign SIM card with roaming, you can use the app from your phone completely free. Another thing is that it is usually expensive and profitable only if you come to the country for a short time or once or if you don’t need Telegram on your computer. Calculate if roaming is beneficial to you specifically but in any case this is a solution to the problem.

Through proxy and IP change

The good thing about Telegram is that it offers a web version that you can use through your computer browser. That is, by installing a simple proxy or browser extension, you will get access to the program. Other messengers that do not have a web version will not work, as well as many services.

Using a VPN

VPN is a program that encrypts traffic and “hides” it in a virtual tunnel inside your Internet connection, passing it not to a Chinese server, but to its servers outside of China. Then you get a foreign IP address and with it access to all disabled services.

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