What is telegram?

Telegram is one of the most popular messengers. It is already used by several hundred million people all over the world. Its main purpose is to send text, voice, video messages, as well as files.

The program was developed by Pavel Durov, a russian programmer and one of the authors of the popular VKontakte network. The messenger uses a special encryption protocol MTProto – Nikolay Durov’s own development. Protection is used both for messaging and user authorization. The high level of security is also maintained due to the fact that the servers where the user data is stored are located in different places on the planet: London, Singapore, and San Francisco.

The service is provided free of charge, its creators have invested their money in its creation for the sake of free and safe communication. They do not have an official website, high-profile advertising campaigns, their pages in popular social networks. The messenger is promoted by users. In case of any questions, the developers can be contacted on Twitter, where, although rarely, they communicate.

The number of accounts in the system exceeded 500 million at the end of 2020. About 600,000 participants are added every day. The messenger is most popular in the countries of the Middle East, South America, Germany, Italy, Spain. The application works in 13 languages. It is a competitor of services such as Viber, WhatsApp, etc.

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What is telegram used for?

What can you do in Telegram? The app doesn’t just allow for instant messaging with other members of the service. Its functionality is much more. The best features of other common messengers and its own unique developments are what is provided to clients, and completely free of charge.

With Telegram you can:

  • Chat online with users around the world, including video and audio calls with high sound quality.
  • Send and receive files in various formats (photos, audio, video, etc.) up to 1.5 GB.
  • Create group chats with up to 30,000 participants, including classified ones. The latter are possible due to encryption. A useful addition, which ensures that the correspondence will not become known to strangers, even if the phone gets to them, is the self-destruct timer. When activated, after a certain time, messages will be deleted from the chat and the phone and server memory. Moreover, if a screenshot with the message is taken, the sender will receive a notification about this.
  • Use usernames – the function allows you to find a person without knowing his phone number.
  • Find groups based on interests and participate in their discussions.
  • Find and create your own channels for viewing. Any content can be found here, from business webinars and political discussions to recipes and children’s entertainment.
  • Listening to music is free and even without the Internet. A media player with an intuitive interface and a wide range of functions.
  • Use cloud storage from the service. Use Favorites tab to upload any files (unlimited in size and quantity) to a remote server.
  • Send, create your own, download stickers for free (unlike other messengers).
  • Send photos found in search engines without saving them to the device memory.
  • Use automated helpers – bots.

Benefits of telegram

Messenger has a number of advantages. The main ones:

  • High speed of work – despite the location of servers in different parts of the world, message delivery will take a split second.
  • The clear classical interface of the program, which can be customized in different styles: choose from ready-made variants or apply your own.
  • Automatic addition of a users list from the phone book.
  • Easy getting started. You only need a phone number to register.
  • All functions and features are free.
  • Innovativeness – the service is being constantly updated. Its features are expanding as competitors’ offers, as well as own developments which have no analogues.
  • High level of security and protection against hacking of account and correspondence.
  • Unlimited for everything: the number of messages sent per day, the amount of files uploaded to the cloud, the time of use.
  • Compatible with all major operating systems, including mobile.

Comparison with competitors

Let’s try to figure out how Telegram differs from others and which app to give preference to.

The most common communication program, owned by Facebook since 2014. For a long time it was paid, after a free annual period, the cost per year was 99 cents. WhatsApp instantly forwards text messages and files and can be used both from a mobile device and from a computer via the website. Simple and straightforward. In these moments, it is similar to Telegram. However, the latter is updated more often (every three days, not once a week), allows you to change the interface design, and its technical support will respond faster. Safety is higher. And only in one parameter WhatsApp is leading – the number of registered customers around the world. It will be possible to communicate with almost all of your contacts – they, with a high degree of probability, have this program.

One of the most popular communication services. It surpasses WhatsApp in functionality. You can make a video call, you can call a mobile phone even if the subscriber has not installed Viber (paid function). There are both familiar chats and interest groups. Each of the chats can be distinguished by a different design. Convenient and fast login is possible from Facebook. The interface of this messenger remains unchanged for a long time, and updates are carried out on average once a month – less often than in Telegram. Inferior in security and speed of response to appeals to technical support.

Telegram desktop

Telegram features

The service surpassed its nearest competitors in a number of ways. The main ones are:

  • There is a two-way opt-out option – in order to send messages, the recipient must agree to communicate. This is a protection against unwanted spam.
  • All history in the cloud. Even if the program is reinstalled (for example, a phone crash), the previous correspondence will not be lost.
  • After adding to an already running group chat, the entire communication history is available from the very beginning. There are convenient filters to search for files, photos, links.
  • It is convenient to send all contact data from the phone book.
  • You can add hashtags and search for information of interest by them.
  • Forwarding several messages from the chat at once.
  • Active link – this opens a chat with the person who left it. In other messengers, you must first create a contact, and only then you can chat.
  • Chat invitation – you can send a link by which a person will be included in the group if he wants to join.
  • Quick record, send and listen to a voice message. Recording starts when the phone is brought to the ear, with one click it is sent to the recipient. Playback of the audio message starts in the same way.
  • Voice recording duration is up to 60 minutes. For comparison, Viber – 30 seconds, WhatsApp – 15 minutes.
  • Automatic saving of the typed message when there is a break in the work with the program (incoming call, other actions).
  • Mobile application occupies 2-3 times less device memory than other messengers.
  • Wider administrator rights in group chats.

In these and some other aspects, Telegram is the clear leader. In many ways, the choice of messenger is determined by the habit and preference of the social circle. However, more and more people prefer this particular communicator, assessing its capabilities.


This point is one of the most important for the creators of the Telegram messenger. Users can be sure that their chats and transmitted data will not be available to anyone. Against the background of fairly frequent messages about hacking of mail and other correspondence in other services, this is relevant. Moreover, this data will not be disclosed at the request of government agencies.

Client information and files on the company’s servers are stored encrypted, and different codes are applied to different parts of the data. To decrypt them, you have to do some work. Moreover, clusters of information are located on servers located in different countries. Withdrawal of information from one of the data centers, e.g. from law enforcement agencies, will not yield anything. It is possible to get only a part of it, for which the message cannot be restored. And there are no rights of action in other countries. There is also a limited storage time of messages in secret chats. It is impossible to restore it after deletion.

To detect possible security and encryption flaws, every year a contest is held with a handsome reward of up to 300 thousand dollars. It will go to the one who will be able to uncover the content of a particular chat room. This is used to test the security of the system so that if problems are detected, measures can be taken. No one has been able to fully implement it yet.

The biggest criticism of the security of this system to date is that registration is carried out with a phone number. This does not make communication completely anonymous. On the other hand, this is an additional check – when you log into your account from a new device, an SMS with a verification code is sent to it. If the device with the installed service is lost, you can block the operation of the program on it remotely through a special website.

How to use Telegram

Where to start and how to create a Telegram account? You will need a computer, tablet or smartphone with Windows Phone, iOS, Android, Win, Mac OS or Linux.

The program must be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play. No registration is required, only a code sent to the specified mobile number. Contacts are automatically pulled from the phone book. For those who are not yet in the program, you can send an invitation.

Editing your profile and settings will take a couple of minutes. You can upload an avatar, name, select nickname and get started.

Useful tools

In addition to the usual chat, group communication, file transfer and browsing, there are special tools. Their use allows you to expand the capabilities of the service and gives customers additional conveniences.


In the messenger there is such a thing as a channel. This is online or recorded content that is streamed unilaterally – from the author to the audience. Broadcasting is one-way, there is no possibility to add comments. Each channel has a name and a link that allows you to find it among others. For example, telegram.me/World of fashion – trends from world couturiers and trends of the season.

In the Telegram channel, you can transfer the content of another site or social network, make your own adjustments and messages from the administrator. It is quite easy to create your own channel, the main thing is to fill it with interesting videos and news. The user can specify viewing parameters in the settings. There are two options: updates on the channel will be shown in the chats section – as well as messages from ordinary people; or mode without notifications. Then you can go to the channel and see what’s new at any convenient time.

Channels can be both public – for everyone, and private – access is opened by the administrator upon request.

The relevance of the service is evidenced by the fact that even Pope Francis opened his own channel for instructions and short sermons of parishioners. It is significant that the Pontiff had previously used WhatsApp for these purposes.


These are special virtual assistants controlled by the program. They can perform a variety of actions on request: find currency rates, convert documents, show weather forecasts, Google analytics, news, program schedule and a lot of other information. It is possible to customize their work on a convenient schedule – performing an action at a specific time.

There are two types of bots in Telegram:

  • Regular – commands and searches are sent to them.
  • Embedded – allow you to search without leaving the chat, and upload search results to it. For example, a bot with the @gif name will suggest pictures by keywords entered after its name.

You can create your own bot by following the prompts.

telegram app

Telegram for business

More and more companies are promoting their business on the Internet. Websites are being created, work is going on in social networks and forums. Messengers are no exception. Business in Telegram has received additional opportunities to communicate with consumers.

Numerous methods are used for promotion, including:

  • Bots or a live person to support customers on emerging issues.
  • Channels for business – informing about new products, promotions, videos about the use of goods. You can get closer to clients by telling about yourself, your work and projects, the channel is quite suitable for these purposes. Interesting content increases popularity, encouraging people to recommend it to others for viewing.
  • Creation and distribution of stickers for brand promotion.
  • Communication within the company – setting tasks, discussions, reports, plans. Applicable both at the level of the entire company and by department. A bonus in the form of secrecy and the inability to intercept important information by competitors.
  • Document management – storage and access to the necessary documents. It can be quickly and conveniently organized using cloud storage.
  • Online catalog – using a bot, selects a product directly in the application.
  • Acceptance of payments. You can buy what you like right away and without switching to other applications – quickly, conveniently and increases sales.

Telegram is a service that is only becoming more popular, so it is a good move to start promoting your company there. There are not many competitors here. Most people still habitually use other applications: Whatsapp, Viber, Skype. So messages won’t get lost among many others. A young and advanced audience, functionality, security, and no fees make Telegram one of the most modern tools for business.

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